Life is nothing but a love story, mine so happens to be about basketball.

I want to share my crazy life adventures, with everyday inspiration for you all.

I had a tough decision to make, my career or the love of my life.

I chose the path of LOVE, which is leading me to be number 33’s wife.

As hard as it was to leave, I know I’ll be okay.

Because family should always come first, no matter what temptations come your way.

The behind the scenes life, of a girl & her professional basketball player.

Thats what I’ll share with you, with a touch of my inspiration to add some sexy flare.


Makes the perfect combination, for all who wants to witness.

My style is different, its sporty with a touch of sexy swag.

I rock the fu*k out of sneakers, I’m not your stereotypical wag.

I apologize in advance, if my content gets too provocative.

I just want to be as authentic as possible, I can get a little talkative.

Welcome to my love story, a real life behind the scenes.

Love & basketball takes Europe, true facts by all means.

xoxo Day


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