Sporty – Sexy – Comfortable – Confident


My style is the combination of sporty, sexy, comfortable & I wear it with confidence. I also like to throw in a sprinkle of swagger at times..people are so over the word “swagger” but I can’t think of a better word to describe that “IDGAF” mentality. I hate when people say, “Oh that look is cute but I can’t pull it off.” The hell you can’t?!? According to who? Your style is a reflection of your mood and your personality and you should NOT GIVE A FLYING ________ what other people think of your look. As long as you love it and feel confident in it, that’s really all that matters.

I have an interesting split style, kind of like my personality. Swaggy vs Girly. Sometimes I want to look super girly (cute, make up, hair done, sun dress, sandals, heels) while other times I want to look Tomboy-ish (sneakers, basketball jerseys, oversized jackets, vintage tees, wearing a hat). So it’s really just depending on my mood.


Charday’s Tips:

  1. Invest in the accessories. Accessories are the first thing people look at when they judge your outfit plus you can wear them more often.
    • Purses, shoes, bags, jackets, hats
  2. Add a touch of sexy if you’re going for a sporty look. The perfect combination of the two is what drives the guys crazy 😛
    • EX:
      • If you’re wearing an oversized jacket, wear a low cut or tight fitted tank underneath.
      • If you’re wearing an unflattering jersey with jeans, pair it with some high heels and some color on your lips.
    • With tight jeans/pants-
      • Wear either a body suit tank with jacket over the top OR an oversized tee with a lose fitted neck line.
      • I personally love high wasted jeans because they’re flattering on women, especially curvy women. If you’re wearing sneakers (especially Jordan Retros) that already gives your look a sporty vibe, so the high waste softens the look and makes it more feminine.
    • With lose or baggy pants-
      • Wear a crop top tee, wear a tight tank, wear a loose fitted tank with cute visible bra underneath OR wear a tight long sleeve top. If you want to wear loose pants with a lose top I would suggest wearing heels vs sneakers BUT if you have a perfect look in mind incorporating baggy on baggy with sneakers, then adding a belt with the pants with the shirt tucked in helps. If you’re doing the baggy look, please make sure your hair is styled cute and put a touch of make up on. If you go too dude-ish with your look it can ruin the entire outfit.
    • With shorts-
      • Sporty tube socks please. Nothing crazy, Nike or an athletic brand will do. This makes the look youthful & fun.
    • With skirt or dress-
      • LOW TOPS ONLY PLEASE. One way you can make hightops work with a dress or skirt is if you wear tube socks, but I still think low top sneakers are best with skirt or dress look. It is AWFUL when a girl is trying to look cute in a dress then throws on sneakers and ruins the entire look. Don’t disrespect your outfit that way please, thanks.

More pics to come!

If you have any questions on how to style a sporty look but still look cute while doing it, comment below or send me a private message in the contact section.


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