Basketball first, then love. 

Well ain’t that the truth?! Any girl who is dating or has dated an athlete should know this..Basketball first, then love. Ladies, DO NOT TAKE THIS PERSONAL! If your man is successful, then you will be successful. Our job is to help keep them focused and motivated off the court. A man is nothing without the support of his woman, seriously. Sports sadly isn’t a career that lasts forever so keep in mind that once it’s over, then you’ll come a lady always should 😉

AND IT’S NOT EASY! Sports are stressful AF, especially when you have to take the role of the support system. When your guy gets traded, when your guys gets cut, when your guy has a bad game, when your guy gets injured, when your in the stands and people around you are screaming profanity and talking crap about your love, ETC! This is where us as females need to stay supportive and NEVER make your man feel less than or bad when any of the above circumstances happens to him. Support him and he’ll support you in the long run (if he’s one of the good guys).

From Kentucky to Spokane to Houston to Los Angeles to Toronto to Greece…IT’S A FREAKING CRAZY LIFE! We have no clue where we’re going to be next season but we love it and look at every opportunity as a blessing. It’s kind of a sad reality that sports has to always come first, but that’s the life I chose and TBH, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Welcome to our crazy real life love & basketball journey.

xoxo, Day

p.s. I still beat Kyle in HORSE…my mid-range is deathly

p.p.s. Three pointers are sexy.

If you have any questions for either Kyle or myself regarding basketball advice or tips, comment below or send me a private message in the contact section.

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