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*All pictures from my blog posts are my own or approved by me, either taken from my Nikon, my iPhone X or a friend of mine.


(WORLDWIDE, I travel all around the world. DAY, that’s just my nickname)

WHY NOT start a blog capturing our life adventures while currently traveling the world for basketball?! I’m in a unique situation to where I’m able to travel the world due to my fiancé’s profession, so I want to share some of those adventures with our friends, family and people who just want a peek in. I’m from the US, but I’m currently living in Europe with my fiancé who plays Professional Basketball.

What makes this travel blog different? Well, I’m not your typical travel blogger who has all their efforts and career focus on their gorgeous blog page and tons of experience in the hotel, fashion & leisure world. I’m just a girl who was kind of forced into living in Europe due to my fiancé’s career which we have no control over. I’m not just freely traveling the world with my fiancé whenever we want either, he plays basketball so when I travel I’m usually traveling to watch him play in another country or traveling on my own while he’s on an away road trip.

So, I personally decided why not utilize this amazing life opportunity of living in Europe to start a blog to talk about my experiences & main passions?

I’m not just talking about travel, I’ll be posting about TRAVEL, FITNESS, FASHION & BASKETBALL.


  • Travel- I will be talking about the gorgeous places I choose to travel to, my experiences while traveling there, AUTHENTIC feedback & provide insight of my favorite things about my trip.
  • Fitness- I will be writing weekly posts on my fitness journey. Currently, I’m testing out Kayla Itsines’s 12 week BBG program mixed in with some of my own routines & its kicking my ass. I want to share my progress, fitness video inspirations & my meal plans.
  • Fashion- My style isn’t the typical travel blogger, (cute dresses, vacation clothes, super girly cutesy outfits) although I LOVE that style too, I have a sporty vibe that I incorporate into my look because its authentic to me. I’m a sneakerhead for sure, but I definitely have my girly side too, you can read more about that in the fashion section on the menu page. I’ll be talking about outfits I’m loving to pack during my travel trips, outfits I’m wearing to Kyle’s basketball games & style tips on how to style a sporty look in a feminine way.
  • Basketball- Basketball is our life! Its what made us meet, its what made us fall in love with each other and its whats given us this amazing opportunity to make money while playing professionally. I’ll be talking about our unknown journeys of next season, what it’s like playing in the NBA & Overseas & the support us females need to provide our men.

Lastly, as amazing as it has been to live in beautiful Greece, Spain and traveling all over Europe, I had to give up A LOT to make this move over here with Kyle. I had an amazing career that I worked my ass off to get and it wasn’t easy to leave. (For a deeper look into how I chose to drop everything and move to Europe with my fiancé, go read my blog post THE DECISION).

Hope you enjoy! Feel free to contact me regarding business inquires for hotels features, travel accommodations, clothing brand features & styling (personal & brand) inquires in the contact section.

Until the next adventure,

xoxo Day


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