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Charday Hunt


My name is Charday, my friend’s call me Day. If you already know me or have been following my life over the last few years then you’d probably already know that

  1.  I’ve been a passionate career chick in the sports industry working for the top sneaker company in the world.
    • I worked in the field of Entertainment marketing, Influencer marketing, Energy marketing, Men’s sportswear, Photoshoot styling & starting the Women’s sportswear category. A lot on my plate but I love it.
  2.  I’m in a very serious relationship is with a basketball player, Kyle Wiltjer, who is now my fiancé.
    • Best shooter in the game

I’m now currently living in Europe and loving the adventure! To see how I got here, go read my blog post “The Decision”.

If you want a deeper peek into my background, here’s a little bit about me. I grew up loving basketball, sneakers, sport culture, boys, hip hop, rap & soul MUSIC…I was even named after the beautiful legend, Sade. My dad’s from south-central Los Angeles, Compton/Watts area & my mother is from Newport Oregon (probably the most OPPOSITE cities you could ever think of combining). My dad played football at University of Oregon and that’s where my parents met in college. He then played professionally in the NFL for a few years post college. Sports is a huge part of my life, it always has been and always will be.

*Shocker I ended up with an ahtlete..right?!

I played basketball in college at California State University, Sacramento and I was a Baller. I averaged 20 points a game and I was the most cocky player on the court with painted nails, crazy sneakers and ribbons in my hair. I still got my shot too, I have better form than Kyle. 😛 IMG_4103.jpg

I work my ass off and because of that I’ve always had a different confidence to myself. My confidence stems from my father who came from nothing and made a life for himself and his family. He coached me my entire life and always demanded the absolute best out of me. Because of him, I know that’s why I was so successful in basketball, why I’ve been successful in the business career world and why I demand so much of myself. I get my sweet and sensitive side from my mother from all her beautiful support over the years (she’s literally the NICEST person in the world).

I want to share what inspires me, my life of dating a professional athlete, my career life as a young woman in the sports industry and the small things in life that trigger my happiness.

I’ve loved my experience growing up being biracial and the impact of how it’s molded me into the individual I am today..I’m living the very best of both worlds.

Rest in peace to my handsome older brother Ryan Hunt. He passed away when he was only 23, I was 22 at the time. I miss him everyday.


RIP Ryan Hunt #forever23


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