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Merzouga Luxury Desert Camps

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Hi guys! Long time since I’ve wrote a blog post, sorry I’ve been so busy wedding planning and moving to a whole another country! But I decided to take a step away from wedding stuff for a bit to write about one of the most amazing trips I have experienced thus far..GLAMPING IN THE SAHARA DESERT. 



My future sister in law, Ariana (@awiltjer) was my travel buddy for this amazing adventure. She’s a cool photographer too, thanks “sis” 😉

Merzouga Luxury Desert Camps was amazzzzzzzzzzing! If you’re planning on doing the Sahara experience, you absolutely must stay here. The most beautiful, glamorous and friendly place I think I’ve ever been to. The camp was 5 star, better than a ton of hotels I’ve stayed at. They pampered us like celebrities. But before I get into how perfect my glamping was, let me tell you first about getting there. 


I’m not going to lie, I was a little skeptical at first about going to the desert when I was planning my trip to Morocco because of the journey it takes to get there, but I decided F-it, if I’m already going to Morocco then I’M FREAKING GLAMPING AND RIDING CAMELS IN THE SAHARA DESERT..and no lie, it was one of the best trips I’ve ever been on! 

The drive takes approx 8 hours, but it was a beautiful drive! I’m not the person who likes to be in a car all day either, so I was completely surprised that I actually enjoyed the drive so much. It was part of the fun of the trip in a whole. We hired a private driver, which I recommend, because you can stop whenever and wherever you’d like and completely take your time getting there and shop along the way. It was also super comfortable in the SUV. Seeing the villages, landscapes, people, donkeys, sheep, cliff views, camels, etc. (yes I said camels) really was the most amazing way to experience and soak in the country. 







Along the way, we even made a stop to buy some scarfs for our camel excursions. 🙂

Once we arrived to the camp, I was just blown away. The staff was incredible! They immediately took our bags and refused to let us carry them, they greeted us with warm, sweet mint tea and walked us to the camp fire so we could shake off some of that drive. Beautiful carpet paths were decorated all around the camp and were surrounded by lit candles and fire lanterns. Plush moroccan wool pillows poufs were circumferenced around the fire and I just melted at all charming attention to detail.

We had arrived! 



When they showed us our tent, I about screamed. I’ve never been huge on the outdoorsy “camping” scene but glamping…this was major! THERE WAS A KING SIZED BED, PLUSH BEDDING, BOHEMIAN CARPETS, OUTLETS, A FULL BATHROOM WITH A TOILET, SHOWER AND SINK! I was in shock, we’re in the middle of the desert, how could they even make this happen?! I’m not sure but I wasn’t complaining lol. Not only was it equipped like a real hotel room, it was decorated like a 5 star luxury room. Literally the cutest rooms ever! 

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After we changed they escorted us to their larger camp restaurant tent where they serve all the food and drinks. By far the best food I had while being in Morocco. They served us 5 course meals and each plate was delicious and new every night. YUM! I may have got a little tipsy after a bottle of moroccan red wine 😉 it was well worth celebrating!

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RIDE CAMELS: Coolest experience ever. It was so fun, I didn’t want it to end. It was like riding a really big horse, but in the middle of sand tunes..and they sometimes spit lol. C6F51862-2E51-41FB-8B32-C377D584CDBA.JPGIMG_8509.JPGIMG_8495.JPG

  • GO ON A 4X4 TOUR OF THE DESERT: Most humbling experience I’ve ever witnessed. I thought we were just going to drive around but instead, we were able to see Nomads and the way they lived. We stopped at a few of their tents and I was touched by their lifestyle. It was like stepping back into time. They had to cook and prepare all of their own meals without any electricity, sew their own tents using remaining sheds of their camel’s fur, sleep on rugs on the ground, work all day just to survive, manage living without a kitchen, shower, car, bed, etc. It was so heart warming to see that. It made me feel so grateful for the life we live. In order to get water, the kids would walk the camel to the water well which was approx 5 miles away…JUST TO GET WATER for the family. No internet, no wifi, no car…just living in the middle of the desert. It was truly humbling to see. One of the women who showed us her home even made us tea, she was so friendly and that was great to see!


  • TAKE PICTURES: Duh. One stop we were soaking in the view and taking pictures and a nomad family came over to our car trying to sell their products. The woman was selling handmade jewelry and the little boy was selling carved camels he carved himself out of rocks. I of course bought some. When I handed the women the money, she started crying and thanking me profusely, that just broke me down! I was so happy to help her and her family, it touched my heart!


  • GO SHOPPING: Our driver took us into the closest town to a shop where they sell handmade Moroccan rugs made by the local berber families. I bought a magic carpet 🙂  Buying a Moroccan rug was definitely on my check list of musts! 


  • WATCH THE STARS: the most intense star watching I’ve ever seen. Think about it, there are no lights or street lights in the middle of the desert so the sky at night is INSANE! It was so fun just laying by the fire and counting shooting stars.

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  • WATCH THE SUNRISE: Mohamed set up an amazing coffee and tea station for us at the top of a sand dune so we could sip coffee while watching the sunrise. How beautiful!

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  • WATCH THE SUNSETS: We rode camels to the top of sand dunes to watch the sunsets, can you think of anything cooler? No. 

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  • RELAX: Just soak it all in and relax at the camp. They pamper you, so enjoy it and sip your tea.

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  • EAT: Breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts! Best food ever at Merzouga Luxury Desert Camps, literally THE BEST! yummmmm.

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  • SLEEP: Cuddle up in your comfy king size bed and catch some desert zzz’s. Make sure to pack warm clothes for the night though, it gets cold in the desert at night. 


In closing thoughts

Merzouga Luxury Desert Camps was the best traveling experience I’ve had in a long time. I’m so happy I went, I would recommend it to anyone! They are so friendly and professional. Once it was time to leave, we got sad leaving our new they made us feel so comfortable like as if we were home. They pampered us to the fullest and I was so appreciative of their hospitality. I will absolutely be back..maybe even for the honeymoon..? 🙂

(BEST GUYS EVER! Hamid, Mohamed, Mohamed & Mouad)



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Go to Morocco and Glamp at Merzouga, you won’t regret it! ❤

Bye for now. xoxo Day


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