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YESSSSS! Another one of my best friends came to visit. It was SO FUN to see my girl Teddie! We had so much fun together, too much fun at times lol and we created lifelong memories that I’ll cherish forever. It’s literally one of the most exciting feelings in the world to vacation with one of your absolute favorite human beings. And at that, get to vacation one of the most GORGEOUS countries in the world. Special thank you to Teddie for making the trip to come visit me, can’t wait to see you in a couple months MISS YOU ALREADY! @teddielynn

2 friend visits in less than a month?! If you’ve been following along my blog posts for the last few months, you’d know that I had been on a crazy workout and diet plan. Well now you know why, I wanted to look & feel great for my vacations. 

What did we do you ask?! Well, we were able to hit up Athens, Vouliagmeni, Nafplio, Mykonos, Paros & Santorini. I personally was so excited to show off Nafplio to Teddie because its such a gorgeous little town that in my opinion, competes with the islands. Nafplio isn’t an island but it has just as much charm and beauty. Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset

I also was super excited to check out Paros, because it was my first time visiting the island and I was so intrigued to see what a “less popular” island was like in comparison to Mykonos & Santorini. Like I mentioned in my last post, I will be visiting some more islands soon to see what they have to offer and compare them to the island favorites Mykonos & Santorini. 

Before I get into some of my favorite things we did on the trip, I first want to give some travel tip advice. BABCF2FA-5151-4CD2-BD47-59C47E367206.JPG

Traveling from Athens to the Islands 

If you’re going to be be doing some island hopping, the easiest way to get around is by ferry. So to start off, you’ll want to fly into your first island destination, then from that point on you’ll have to ferry from island to island. Unfortunately, you cannot fly from island to island (which is pretty annoying). If you absolutely do NOT want to ferry, then you can fly back to Athens and fly from Athens to your next island destination. 

Ferry Advice: 


  • Try to travel light, its not very organized on the ferry rides. Prime example, when you board the boat, if you have a bigger bag (not carry on size) they take it and store it RANDOMLY which makes it so difficult to find afterwards. They also don’t put a bag tag on it so anyone can walk off with your bag, SCARY!
  • Make sure you arrive with enough time to be able to print your ticket with the ferry company you’re traveling with. They will NOT LET YOU BOARD if you don’t have a printed ticket, your phone confirmation isn’t enough. So be prepared for that.
  • Bring some activities to keep you busy (cards, games, books, etc) 
  • If you get seasick easily, make sure you bring some motion sickness medicine with you. We took 3 ferry rides, 1 of them I felt so SICK because it was really bumpy. If you can book one of the larger ferry boats, I recommend that because the boat is a smooth ride and doesn’t rock nearly as much. (ex: Blue star Ferries & Hellenic Seaways)
  • Bring snacks. They don’t check your bags when you arrive so save yourself a few bucks and pack some snacks. If you forgot to bring some no big deal, you can purchase food on the boat as well

Ferry on! 


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Favorite things to do:

  • Walk along the port of Naousa and find a fun restaurant cafe to hang out and people watch. The hosts are super friendly and fun to talk to! Teddie and I loved sharing some appetizers and ordering a bottle of rose for afternoon people watching. ROSE ALL DAY! Our fav cafe was Axinos, we loved the food & company there. 2D2A9994-9713-446E-B177-57D11BDF4DFE.JPG15DBA165-F7FF-4A1D-826D-CA0F6EE3E14D.JPG
  • Find octopus sun-drying on the streets. Its so fun to see the daily octopus that they catch drying on the port in front of their restaurants, I got so excited when I finally saw my first one! Its very Paros. 0E95C917-8D5B-4209-A01D-7310855F1F06.JPG
  • Eat seafood. The fish is so fresh which makes it so amazing. Don’t miss out on the yumminess of the Greek Seafood. 
  • Walk the streets of Naousa town. Its the most popular and cute town in Paros and the cobblestone streets and boutiques are stunning! The cobblestone is a prettier version than the Mykonos cobblestone because it’s cleaner and less abused. SO PRETTY! paros JPG.JPG79631D42-523E-46FA-B5DF-6814957FD80E.jpeg60558CD0-4BA2-4966-A65D-B9832BF73633.JPG39829A98-9A21-49B9-B4F6-4D53D990BDF7.JPGIMG_3790.JPG
  • Grab a cocktail at Sante bar, literally the best Pina Colada I’ve ever had and such a cute atmosphere. Plus “John” the bartender was AWESOME! Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset0E2E1CBC-F18A-4C11-A901-0328FE1AEC76.JPG
  • Discover the beautiful boutiques, who doesn’t want to shop?!
  • Go find the gorgeous pink flower wall/bar at Linardo. Duh, its a MUST while visiting Paros. IMG_3762.jpg

Advice for people going:

  • Stay in Naousa, it’s such a fun location to stay while visiting Paros. 
  • Bring cash, the easiest form of transportation is by cab and the majority of cabs don’t take card. 
  • Bring a bottle of wine or liquor with you to your hotel. Drinks add up FAST and double your overall restaurant bill, so maybe make a cocktail at your gorgeous hotel or have a little wine before you hit the town exploring. 3951AB55-73A4-4C21-8D2D-5E0E35ADFDB1.JPG
  • Go after May 1st, the weather will be warmer so you’ll be able to experience the pretty beaches. 362FF7C2-4038-40CA-AB74-C921527FD14B.JPGIMG_3791.JPG



I already spoke of some of my favorite things in Mykonos in the last post, so this time I’ll explain my favorite thing I did while this time in Party island.

BAR HOP AND ENJOY OUR CRAZY BEAUTIFUL HOTEL. Pics explain. Our hotel was amazzzzzzing. I would recommend anyone to stay there, perfect location, beautiful roomy room & gorgeous views. (Little Venice Suites)  

The sea sunset view from our private balcony hot tub was EVERYTHING.

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I already spoke of some of my favorite things in Santorini in the last post, so this time I’ll explain my favorite thing I did while this time in Honeymoon island.



Such a beautiful little bay, we had to walk approx 300+ steps down the cliff to get there, but WOW it was worth every rocky step! The restaurant experience was our favorite of the entire trip. We sat right in front of the water, so close that if I stood up and took a step to my right, I would have been swimming with the fish in the turquoise sea. We even got to witness a host catch a live octopus right in front of us! So freaking cool! Half a liter of their BOMB wine was only 7 euros, ummm yes. Best news is, that when you’re finished eating the restaurant will call you a cab so that you don’t have to walk but up the cliff tipsy and full lol. EAT THERE, you’ll love it!  

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And Santorini Mornings are always fun to capture the beauty of the village before it gets too crowded. Santorini has my heart.

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Outfits I packed for the islands:

  • Fun & fancy bathing suit cover
  • Bathing suits for pool side
  • Flirty, flowy dresses & skirts to take pics and wonder around in
  • Fancy dress for dinners, sexy dresses for going out
  • Cute tops to throw on over jeans or shorts
  • Sandals & slides
  • Vacation hats for cute dress outfits or poolside vibes
  • Comfy walking shoes
  • Jeans & shorts
  • If you choose to pack heels, I would recommend chunky heels or wedges. Walking on cobble stone is tough so be careful! I would just say cute sandals to be safe
  • Tights for workouts, walking or lazy days


Such a fun girls trip! I’m sad it’s over already 😦

Okay my loves, I hope you enjoyed. Until the next adventure.

xoxo Day


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