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Mykonos & Santorini GIRLS TRIP

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GIRLS TRIP!! I absolutely love seeing a familiar face and having one of my best friends come visit me while over here in Greece! Such an amazing lifetime experience for the both of us, and we’ll forever have memories of our very first Greece Girls Trip. Special thank you to my girl Gladys for making the trip to visit, I had THE BEST TIME AND MISS YOU ALREADY! @glady12

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What did our travel consist of you ask…? Athens, Mykonos, Santorini & Rome. I’m not going to go into crazy detail of what we did every single day, girls don’t kiss and tell 🙂 but I will let you know some of our favorite things we did while hitting the Greek islands! Before I do that I’m doing to give a quick rundown on the differences between Mykonos and Santorini and what it’s like in “off season”.

The Greek island’s off season is typically November-March. Off season means that usually the majority of the shops & restaurants close down and the towns are pretty dead. There are always a handful of hotels and restaurants that stay open year round but most of the island goes ghost town. Why? Well the weather isn’t as “nice” meaning its not warm enough to swim and the tourist visits are not common during those months. It sometimes costs the hotels more money to stay open in off season than to just close down. Plus the business is booming during summer months, enough so that they can live on their summer income year round.

I personally LOVE the hotels, restaurants and shops that stay open year round. It provides a fun get away to us locals (hahaha I just referred myself as a local..kidding but not kidding). On a serious note it’s AMAZING to see the islands when they’re not jammed packed. It lets you truly soak in the beauty of the islands without being bumped around, waiting in lines & enduring overpriced hotels. You get the BEST pics during off season because no one is in them! Season officially opens in April but it doesn’t start getting packed until May, I’m heading back in April so I’ll let you know the difference once season officially kicks off.


Mykonos vs Santorini- There are SO MANY ISLANDS to choose from when it comes to the Greek islands, but the most popular are Santorini and Mykonos. The other islands I’ve heard are just as beautiful, however most tourists want to see/experience these two because its what they hear the most of. I’m looking to do a special piece later on the other islands, “Santorini & Mykonos’s neglected step sisters” but for now lets soak in Mykonos & Santi!

In a nutshell Mykonos is the PARTY ISLAND and Santorini is the HONEYMOON ISLAND. They both are gorgeous and offer different experiences, it just depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re planning on wanting to visit both then think about how you want your vaca to start and you want to have a chill relaxing time in the beginning an then end on a boom with some beach party vibes or do you want to get all your partying out of the way first then “recover” and relax in Santorini? After spending a few days in Santorini you almost get bored of the R&R, the days go super long. So I personally like starting in Santorini then making my way to the beach party in Mykonos, who doesn’t want to end their vaca on a bang?!

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What does Mykonos have that Santorini doesn’t? Beaches & Parties

What does Santorini have that Mykonos doesn’t? Unbelievable views & Relaxation




Favorite things to do:

    • Walk old town & check out the little shops. The cobble stone is EVERYTHING and perfect for photo opps. Processed with VSCO with au5 presetProcessed with VSCO with au5 presetProcessed with VSCO with s3 preset
    • Shopping! There’s a variety of high end designer shops and cute boutiques at a more affordable price. We went to a cute boutique immediately upon our arrival and bought some beach covers and vaca straw hats.D1046749-0630-4648-837B-7DF7A29B699C.JPG
    • TAKE PICS, duh. So fun to put a cute outfit on, get your hair and make-up done and take some gorgeous photos. These islands are stunning so capture the moment!DA02EE49-F84F-4220-AB17-2D0181CAAF76.JPGProcessed with VSCO with au5 presetProcessed with VSCO with au5 presetProcessed with VSCO with au5 preset
    • Hit the beaches. There are PARTY beaches in Mykonos, we went right before season started so most of the “parties” on the beach were closed but we liked it because the beaches were empty! Nice relaxing R&R time.Processed with VSCO with s3 presetProcessed with VSCO with au5 presetProcessed with VSCO with au5 presetProcessed with VSCO with au5 preset
    • Eat authentic food. So fun to check out different restaurants and eat some amazing greek food. I love getting seafood because the fish is so fresh from the enormous sea. IMG_8099.jpg
    • Try a fun drink at some different bars, its cute to order what the locals or bartenders recommend. We ended up at this adorable beach cocktail bar, CAPRICE BAR, in Little Venice with gorgeous views of the sea. THE DRINKS WERE AMAZING, with amazing bartender staff 😉 IMG_1093IMG_9031.jpgProcessed with VSCO with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCO with l9 preset
    • Relax by the pool or hotel balcony & soak in the sunsets.

Advice for people going:

    • If you’re going to Mykonos to Party and shop, wait to go until sometime after April. Most clubs & shops don’t open until after Easter, in this case April 1st. It gets way more PACKED starting May & June so thats the ideal time if you’re looking to drop it low 😉 Not only does the island get more popular, this is when all the shops & restaurants are open as well. If you go before April, only about 30% of shops and restaurants are open.
    • If you want pics without people in them, March is perfect. You RARELY see Mykonos cobblestone pics without and swarm of people in them. If it’s a busier month, wake up early to capture some good shots before it gets too crowded.
    • If you’re planning on renting a car to go to the beaches, be careful driving. The streets are super narrow and some of the roads to the beaches only provide 1 way road width which is scary when you’re on a cliff and a big truck is heading towards you. Gladys and I screamed about 15 times LOL. Once season starts, the city provides bus shuttles to beaches which makes it super easy to get around if you’re not wanting to rent a car. ATV’s are a super popular option as well.
    • Plan out your days so you’re seeing & experiencing everything your heart desires 🙂 It’s the worst when you wanted to experience something specific but your time ran up too quick.
    • Be careful for the FLIRTY vacation guys, a lot of people heading to Mykonos are going to the guys are extra flirty. Ask Gladys what happened to her LMAO!!! 😀
    • Make sure you pull out Euros for emergencies, don’t use it unless you need to. Cabs usually only take cash so be aware of that.

What I plan to accomplish next time:

    • Check out a beach party on Paradise & Super Paradise Beach, can’t wait to party it up while watching the sunset go down.



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Favorite things to do:

    • Soak in the views! Santorini has one of the most amazing views I’ve ever seen in my life so be ready to be blown away.
    • Find the best photo opps around Oia village. The blue churches are everything you’ve ever imagined. Processed with VSCO with s3 presetIMG_9466.JPG
    • Shop the cute shops around the town. They have the cutest boutiques! I love buying a magnet every place I go! It will create amazing memories when we’re back home in the states.
    • Find cute wine or juice bars and get tipsy while chopping it up with the locals and looking at the beautiful scenery. IMG_9097.jpg
    • Lay by the pool or hot tub and enjoy peaceful paradise. 79BD9544-0ED9-424D-9FD6-AE8C77B81A99.jpg
    • Buy a book from “Atlantis Books” and have a nice, relaxing read. It’s rumored to be the oldest book store in the world.Book vibes.jpgProcessed with VSCO with hb2 preset
    • Santorini is all about relaxation, its a pretty chill place. Its not a party island like Mykonos so your days will feel long. By the time you leave you’ll hopefully be rejuvenated or ready to party.

Advice for people going:

    • Call your hotel to see if there are airport pick up arrangements and check in accommodations, it is super helpful to just land and let someone pick you up and take you directly to the hotel. Its pretty common that the hotel will have a concierge service in which picks you up, carries your bags and even helps book restaurant and activity arrangements.
    • I personally like the Sunset side of the island, the sunsets ARE CRAZY BEAUTIFUL, Oia village is my favorite but I’m also super excited to check of Fira as well.
    • Wear comfy shoes while walking around, cobble stones can be tough on your feet.
    • If weather is hot make sure you have a pool, if weather is chilly make sure you have a hot tub. You’re going to be doing a lot of R&R from your hotel room, so make sure you can unwind at your pool or hot tub. Check with hotel first to see if they have a hotel pool, if you don’t have your own private one, it will make your trip much better if you have access to a pool or tub.

What I plan to accomplish next time:

    • Take a boat to the hot springs! Santorini has a hot springs that you can reach by boat so I’m really excited to swim in the natural warmth of the sea!
    • Ride a donkey! I haven’t done this yet but I’m super excited to try it out! I’ll only do one ride though, I kinda feel bad for those cute little donkeys 😦
    • See this beautiful island at “peak season”. I’ve only been able to check it out in January & March so I’m excited to see the different vibe once April hits and everything is officially open to public.

Outfits I packed for the islands:

  • Fun & fancy bathing suit cover
  • Bathing suits for pool side & beach parties
  • Flirty, flowy dresses & skirts to take pics and wonder around in
  • Fancy dress for dinners, sexy dresses for going out
  • Cute tops to throw on over jeans or shorts
  • Sandals & slides
  • Vacation hats for cute dress outfits or poolside vibes
  • Comfy walking shoes
  • Jeans & shorts
  • If you choose to pack heels, I would recommend chunky heels or wedges. Walking on cobble stone is tough so be careful! I would just say cute sandals to be safe.
  • Tights for workouts, walking or lazy days.


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Goodbye my loves, until the next adventure!

xoxo Day

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