2 months down 1 month to go

8 weeks down 4 weeks to go

You heard it right..8 weeks down! Woooooaa..that seems like such a long time, 8 freaking weeks of working out 6 days out of each week. I’m happy I’ve stayed the course, but the work isn’t done yet. I’m proud of myself for staying committed even when I sometimes feel like I look exactly the same!

What I’ve been really trying to shift the most is my MINDSET. I’ve now convinced myself that, yeah I don’t see the changes that I want to see right now but I’ve accepted that this is a journey. I won’t see full progress until summer time most likely…but if I stay committed I’ll be feeling bomb when it matters most. For example, when I look in the mirror and see an area that I’m trying to work on and it’s not ANYWHERE where I want it to be, I just say to myself..it’s cool no worries, it will be fixed by summer.

IMG_7645 2.jpg

But not gonna lie, week 8 was definitely the hardest week for me thus far. Why? Well I’ve gotten to a point this week where I just wasn’t in the mood, I just wasn’t feeling it like I had been the past weeks. It made it that much more difficult to go to the gym. I really had to force myself..probably because my week started off like this..


Last Sunday I was feeling adventurous AND it was my off day, so I decided to take a spontaneous day trip to Aegina Island. The island is only a 1 hour ferry ride from Athens ferry port, so hell, why not?! I was so excited to check it out, I didn’t even realize there were islands this close to us, super easy to get to, Aegina was the closest by far.

IMG_2312.JPG(On ferry ride to Aegina Island, I was so excited!)

LONG STORY SHORT, since it was a spontaneous trip I hadn’t booked a hotel before I left, I waited until I got there. A ton of hotels were either fully booked or closed because it’s off season in most of the islands, so I ended up in a hotel room that was approx 30 Euros a night on the complete other side of the island (now I’m not opposed to a great deal however, I do lean more towards the bougie side when it comes to hotels, but I didn’t really have an option at this point).

I woke up in the middle of the night with my arms and hands irritated. I couldn’t sleep because of it and wasn’t sure why. I started itching my arms and was half asleep when I started to hear buzzing above my ears…I HATE BUZZING NOISES MORE THAN ANYTHING! I jumped up, turned the light on and realized I was getting eaten alive! I started looking at the walls and realized there were mosquitos all over the walls. I swear I saw approx 15-20 mosquitos on the wall right above my bed. I JUST ABOUT SCREAMED lol..I was so pathetic.

At this point it was about 2:30am, I had nowhere to go. I packed up my stuff because there was NO WAY I was staying in that room. I went to the lobby, thank the lord that someone was working and gave me another room. I dragged into the room with high hopes AND THANK GOODNESS there weren’t any flying monsters in this room. I half slept for about 1-2 hours because I was traumatized lol, woke up and took the first ferry ride OUTTA THERE.

IMG_4954.JPGAEGINA IS A GORGEOUS ISLAND, this is by no means a representation of the island or meant to be disrespectful, I just unfortunately got unlucky with a horrible hotel..but I will definitely be back to the island once season begins. 

How does this relate to working out? Well Monday was the day I was ferrying back to Athens so the entire boat ride home I was painfully trying not to itch my arms, hands, neck and FACE!!! (No lie, I had about 20 bite marks..screaming emoji)

Once I got home I was feeling awful, hardly any sleep and my body feeling miserable. But, I had to work out, I JUST HAD MY OFF DAY AND THERE WAS NO WAY I WAS TAKING 2 FULL DAYS OFF IN A ROW.

So anyways, yeah that’s how MY FREAKING MONDAY STARTED, not feeling well and having to force myself to work out at night (I hate working out at night but I couldn’t do it sooner because I was sick all day).

LOL ughhhhh I wasn’t even fully healed until late Wednesday/early Thursday, so I really had to power through this week and my main motivation is…PICTURE DAY!! Every month I’m supposed to take my progress pics and I’m taking mine tomorrow morning so that helped push me to power through.

Anyways, I’ll let you guys know in my next workout post what changes I’ve seen from 2 months ago to now.

Lastly, I’m going to end on my final month’s main focus. I’m really going to work hard on eating better these next 4 weeks. I always try to eat healthy each week but this month I’m going to write out my meals and map it out better vs me just winging it. I also travel a lot so I’m going to create a healthy eating plan while being on the road.

Okay bye..love you..keep grinding..WE GOT THIS!

xoxo Day

IMG_6906 2


p.s. See this pic of me before I started this fitness journey and me currently.

Please just ignore my no make up, post workout face..thanks. 

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