Paris for 1


Paris for 1

Who goes to Paris alone?! Like what girl in her right mind chooses to travel to beautiful Paris solo..ON VALENTINES DAY!? Haha I asked myself that question multiple times while aimlessly exploring companionless, however I didn’t really have the choice with Kyle being in full blown basketball season!


Of course I would have loved to have some company but I don’t have that luxury right now, so instead I went with me, myself and I. Definitely not as romantic as having a loved one there with you but I still had a blast exploring. Paris is stunning! It’s one of the most magical places I’ve traveled to thus far. It’s kinda like a mixture of New York & London but with magnificent architecture, sexy french language & an amorous elegance that floats in the air.

Why do I love Paris? Well, a little inside fact about me is that I’m an absolute HOPELESS ROMANTIC. I think it stems from me growing up watching princess blockbusters, my mother always reading me romantic fairytales and me being raised in a household where we listened to SOUL music..Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, Sade, The temptations, Tevin Campbell, Maxwell, Teddy Pendergrass, Toni Braxton, Earth wind & Fire, etc.. YOU NAME IT any soul music from the 70’s-2000’s I was listening to. Some people call me an old soul because of the music I prefer to listen to.

I BY NO MEANS consider myself a Paris travel pro, so please don’t think I’m a dialed in expert, but I did however do a little research as to some of the most appealing places to visit, must see attractions and I even discovered a few fun things to do while being solo in Paris.


    • Le Marias
      • Very trendy neighborhood close to Bastille. Reminds me of SOHO NYC but with stunning architecture & cobblestone streets. Really cool boutiques, shopping and restaurants. This is the new “it” spot for my trend seekers. A very cool boutique you need to check out if you’re into high end designer labels and/or wanting to feel inspired is LeClaireur Sevigne..such a dope concept store. Reminds me of Dover Street Market mixed with Opening Ceremony.
    • Saint Germain
      • This is one of the bougie areas for shopping in Paris, this has your high end designer shops. It’s a beautiful atmosphere with a ton of cute cafes.
      • My favorite cafes that I ran into are Cafe de Flore & Les Deux Magots. I always saw pics of both of them on Pinterest so when I actually walked by them I of course got super excited and had to stop for a cappuccino.Processed with VSCO with c1 presetIMG_6456IMG_6371IMG_6822IMG_0156.JPG
    • Notre Dame
      • Gorgeous area to walk around and really take in the beauty of the architecture. The buildings have so much attention to detail in the craftsmanship which makes it fascinating to inspect.DSC_0388.jpg
    • Eiffel Tower
      • GO THERE! I mean it’s obviously the main attraction of Paris so you must see it, at day time and at night! Honestly one of my favorite moments in Paris was walking to the Eiffel Tower at night, I could have took an uber or taxi there but instead I decided to walk 3 miles and soak up the areas heading towards it. The Eiffel Tower sparkles the first 5 minutes at the top of each hour from 6pm-1am so I made sure to time it just right once I arrived. Seeing it sparkle at night was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen!DSC_0466.jpgIMG_1825 2.JPG
      • What an amazing date to go check out the Eiffel Tower at night! Seriously pack a blanket, picnic basket with snacks and a bottle of wine and you’re good! One caution of concern, just be aware you’ll be bombarded with people trying to sell you things near the Eiffel since its such a tourist spot, and also at this time of year (Feb) it will most likely be raining lol so dress accordingly.DSC_0481.jpg(party foul!!!! muddy KAWS)
    • Bastille
      • I went to go check out the Jordan store, its stunning go check it out! That’s all I’m gonna say about Bastille, the Jordan store is a must see 😉IMG_1588.jpg
    • Love Lock Bridge
      • Enriched with romance. Once I stepped onto the bridge, I felt the LOVE. It’s so cool to see people so amped to set up their lock on the bridge with their loved one. Kinda SUCKS that the city had to remove most of the locks and replace the fencing with glass, that broke my heart when I saw it. But, people still find a way to lock their lock somewhere which is dope, I even made one for Kyle and I (even though he wasn’t there with me lol).DSC_0511.jpgIMG_4766
    • Streets of 1st & 2nd Arr
      • I was mainly here for work but I was still able to walk around and check out the area. Ton of cool restaurants and shopping. I love this area! I found one of my favorite vintage shops in the 2nd Arr. Museum Louvre is gorgeous to see as well, Mona Lisa and all.


  • Heels
  • Sneakers
  • Boots
  • 1 furry jacket
  • 2 pairs of jeans
  • 2 pairs of leggings
  • Basic tanks/bodysuits
  • Basketball jersey
  • 1 vintage tee
  • Workout clothes
  • 2 hatsIMG_1613Facetune_15-02-2018-23-56-07CFCA8C45-4277-4E10-AB7E-6F5524EBEA1C.jpg



  1. Exploring the city’s finest attractions.
    1. I want to see what all they hype is about, so I of course love checking out all the main attraction points.
  2. Cafes, coffee & pastry shops.
    1. So fun to see all the cafes along the street corners. I may have tried a pastry or two.IMG_0616.jpg
  3. Vintage shopping!
    1. DYING over some of the vintage stores I’ve found. I love hunting for a great deal when it comes to fine designer, leather purses.
    2. What I’m looking for in vintages shops?! BAGS & PURSES! So cool to find vintage leather bags/purse and if you hunt deep you may even get lucky and find some designer bags as well. I found myself 3 purses, one of them is a yellow snakeskin Hermes purse (heart eye emoji). IMG_6640.jpgIMG_6644.jpg(if you’re interested in some of the purses I bought, DM me and I’ll potentially consider selling them) 
  4. Buying gifts for my loved ones.
    1. Its fun buying a few fun presents for family. It’s cool because it forces you to hunt for something unique and it reminds you of your trip every time you see it. I bought my mom a vintage leather purse, a red beret hat, a pencil holder & magnet. IMG_6639(Purse for mom)
    2. Flower MarketsProcessed with VSCO with hb1 presetIMG_2301 2.JPG

Just some beautiful pics I took along the way.


I was only able to be there for a few days but wanted to maximize my time to the fullest. How do I do that while managing work, working out and exploring? Easy, I map it out. Even if I don’t follow my schedule perfect, it still helps keep me on track and helps coordinate my day when it comes to squeezing everything in. Check out my rough timeline I made before my trip.

Wednesday Feb 14th 

Flight ATH to CDG 4:15pm

  • Leave place approx 2:15-2:30pm
  • Work prep- Study on plane

Arrive to Paris approx 8pm

  • Arrive to hotel & freshen up
  • Dinner at hotel Restaurant
  • Go somewhere to see Eiffel Tower lights at night!
  • Early night’s rest
    • IG moment- Sparkling Eiffel Tower

Thursday Feb 15th 

MORNING – Work Time

  • Workout LISS cardio approx 6:30-7:30am
  • Get ready, be ready by 7:30am
  • Grab Breakfast
  • Meeting 9:30am-Noon

AFTERNOON – Free time Option 1

  • Saint Germain De Pres
    • Cafe de Flore, Les Deux Magots, Luxembourg Gardens
  • Potentially go check out Notre Dame
    • Rue Chanoinesse
  • Potentially go Saint Louis (Berthillon)

Free Time Option 2

  • Check out Jordan store
    • Get familiar w area
  • Le Marias
    • Shop and check out cute area
    • Find pic worthy shops


  • Dinner, play it by ear
  • Clover?

Friday Feb 16th 

MORNING – Play time

  • Early am BBG workout, 7:00am

Options before/after meeting

    • Le Meurice hotel Le Dali, Maison Francis Kurkdjian
    • Montmartre, La Maison Rose, Moulin Rouge, Basilica
    • Le Marias or Saint  Germain if didn’t do it yesterday

AFTERNOON – Work time

  • Meeting  2:00-4:30pm


  • TBD..dinner for sure
  • Moulin Rouge show?

Saturday Feb 17th 

Final Morning

  • Workout LISS cardio 6:00am
  • Options
    • Early am Montmartre to Printemps
    • Cute brunch

Leave for noon flight

  • Leave hotel at approx 10am


Anyways, I’ll be headed back to Paris in the next few weeks. I’ll make sure to write about my next travel venture. Hit me if you’re interested in vintage purses, bags or whatever.

Love you,

xoxo Day

p.s. I bought a Paris umbrella..I’m obsessed!! Who doesn’t want a fancy Parisian umbrella? That was my spurge of the trip..don’t ask me how much it was. 😀

Alexandra SojferProcessed with VSCO with au5 presetIMG_6606

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