6 weeks down 6 weeks to go


A month and a half straight, lets freaking go!!! This past week went pretty fast to be honest, it was tough but I just kept my head down and grinded it out. Man, some days were so hard that I actually just felt like a complete joke while doing my non-stop circuits, but what I’ve discovered is that no matter how difficult it was and whether or not my form was absolutely perfect or not, I was DRIPPING SWEAT each workout which made me feel good because my body was WORKING.

So power through my friends! Even when you can’t do a full push up, or you have to take mini breaks going from set to set, or you don’t squat all the way down on your jump squats, etc..power through and keep fighting. Your body will eventually get strong enough to power through a full workout with great form. With that being said, when I’m doing these non stop circuits, and I feel that my form isn’t perfect on some of the exercises during the 7 minute non stop sets, after my full workout is complete I choose the exercises that were the toughest for me and I focus on doing 5-10 perfect form reps so that my body can feel the proper way to do them. Power through!

What I’ve been eating this week:

Breakfast- 1 of the three options below

  1.  Honey nut cherrios with almond milk, banana with peanut butter & half protein shake
  2. half egg whites/half full eggs scramble with green peppers, onions & ground turkey, half a protein shake & strawberries
  3. Half an apple, half a banana & half a protein shake

***When I do a circuit training workout in the morning, I prefer meal option 3 because it’s not so heavy on my stomach. If you eat too much before one of those workouts you’ll actually feel like throwing up in the middle of if..trust me, I would know it almost happened to me last week when I tried doing a circuit training workout after I ate dinner..AWFUL don’t do that lol

***I love my coffee everyday too, I usually get an iced americano with sugar free vanilla or a soy latte with stevia

Lunch- 1 of the two options below

  1. Protein shake & strawberries
  2. Brown rice bowl with veggies & protein

Dinner- 1 of the four options below

  1. Chicken, sautéed peppers, sautéed onions & a baked sweet potato
  2. Steak with a side of broccoli
  3. Chicken with curry powder & drizzled honey, sautéed veggies & brown rice
  4. Chicken marinated in apple chutney sauce, broccoli, sautéed veggies & mashed sweet potato

***I allow myself to have a few cheat meals throughout the week so I don’t feel like a complete robot. I also enjoy a glass, or two..or 3 of wine at night because it helps me vibe while cooking dinner..don’t judge me please, I like my wine 😀

I sometimes try to take a before pic of the ingredients I’m cooking with, then an after pic to prove to myself how clean we’re actually eating. Check it out!


Fun fact: We have orange & lemon trees in front of our place which is so beautiful to look at everyday, it kind of reminds me of being in Los Angles. One morning I woke up last week to go on a quick little morning walk for some coffee and I opened our front door to find this bag of lemons that one of our neighbors picked and left on our door step. I thought that was so cute! I’ve been squeezing them into my daily water for some zest! Loving our Greece life, our neighbors are so friendly.


6 weeks down, 6 more to go!

We got this!!

xoxo Day

IN SPECIAL MEMORY OF GRUMPY- RIP to our neighborhood dog Grumpy (we actually don’t know what his Greek name was but we named him grumpy because he barked a lot, he was kinda like our guard dog). It took awhile for Grumpy to warm up to Kyle and I but after a few weeks, instead of barking at us when he saw us he would wag his tail and smile. He could barely walk because he was getting so old, it was hard to see. Kyle and I would go pet him every time we’d get home to show him some attention and we would even get our steak fat & bones to go from when we ate out to surprise him every now and then, HE LOVED IT! Grumpy passed away 2 nights ago, it was so sad to see his bed gone the following morning 😦 So crazy I’ve only been here a few months and I already grew an emotional connection to this Greek dog!


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