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NAFPLIO GREECE!!! Okay guys, seriously this is one of the most charming little towns I’ve ever seen. When you think of Greece & hear of the most beautiful places, you usually hear of Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, Milos, Paros, Crete..mainly the beautiful little Greek islands in the Aegean Sea. But WOW, Nafplio really stole my heart when I first arrived!

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How we ran up on Nafplio- Okay so it came as a complete surprise, Kyle has an Aunt that lives in London. Kyle’s aunt is married with kids living in London and her husband is Greek, so when they would visit her husband’s family in Athens, Greece back in the day, they would always make a trip to a little town called Nafplio. They liked it because it was just under a 2 hour drive from Athens and they just loved the vibe out there. In fact they loved it so much, they eventually bought a vacation home there. A tiny, charming little apartment in the heart of the village that they used as their summer vacation spot while raising their kids. They’ve had the place for 10+ years now. Since they live in London, they only get to visit it about once or twice a year.

When Kyle signed with Olympiacos, his aunt and uncle were of course thrilled. They kindly offered their place to Kyle and I anytime we wanted to visit, they even gave us our own set of keys. Not really thinking much of it, I was like that’s cool, thanks. The first week I arrived, Kyle had an off day in the middle of the week. He was like, “We should go to Nafplio, it will be an adventure.”

I’m always game for a mini vacation and it was only a 1 hour 45 min drive so I was like, “YES LETS DO IT!” We packed up our little day duffles, made some snacks for the road and took off! The drive is so beautiful, literally driving down the coastline. It’s such a cute drive it flies by, plus the no speed limit gets us there very quick.


As we drove in, I WAS IN UTTER BLISS. I googled Nafplio before we left and yeah it looked kinda cute but pictures just don’t do justice to this historic, charming, quaint little town. This town is so whimsical and has so much character which is why I instantly fell in love with it.

There is a castle built up on the hilltop that overlooks the city, there are remnants of the castle brick and buildings from back in the 1800’s, the buildings are full of color with bleeding chipped paint and original swinging shutter windows, the shops and restaurants have flowers & vines just growing up the sides of them, the streets are covered in either marble or stone..I mean this place is magical!

Outside of the charming historic village, you walk down to the sea and the water is a color combination of blues, greens and beautiful! The water is so clear that you can see the rocks at the bottom and see fish swimming, so pretty! AND THERE’S EVEN A LITTLE MINI CASTLE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SEA, YOU HAVE TO TAKE A BOAT TO GET TO IT. What?!

Once we got to the water, I honestly felt like I was in Italy. We went in the beginning of December and it was beautiful, maybe like mid-high 60’s and blue sky sunny. I can’t wait to visit it when the weather starts hitting the 80 degree mark, it will be so joyful swimming and soaking up the sun by the private beaches.

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  1. Explore the town
    • When I first arrived it was so fun to walk around the alley ways of the old town to check out all the shops & restaurants.
    • They love their little wine bars there. Its super cute to go hang in a wine bar and just sip on wine and people watch. Its definitely fun to wine taste some of the different greek wines and learn about the popular grapes and processes they use over in Greece.
  3. Walk along the water front
    • You’ll jut see breathtaking views of the sea and amazing restaurants along the waterfront. It’s a beautiful walk and if you keep walking along the waterfront you’ll eventually walk your way to their cute little beach.
  4. Take a boat ride!
    • Its super cheap, Kyle and I paid 9 Euros total on a 45-50 minute boat tour. We were able to stop at the mini island in the middle of the sea and check out some of the views of the city. It’s AMAZING!
  5. Hit the beach!
    • When the weather is nice, its amazing to go lay out at the beach. The water is pretty warm so if you get too hot & bothered, go take a dip in the turquoise sea.
  6. Check out the historic castle
    • If you’re up for a work out, you can take 999 steps up to the very top of the hill where the castle is and see the ENTIRE world from the old castle. The views are spectacular. You also can take a car up there if you wanna get the benefits of the views without the hard work.
  7. Private beaches
    • Explore the other side of the town. When you get out of old town and go on the other side of the hill, you will find many deserted private beaches. So if you like a little privacy but still want beach time, this is where you can have the best of both worlds.



  1. Syntagmatos Square Greek restaurant:
    • They have the best Chicken Souvlaki! The chicken was prepared amazing, white chicken with grilled veggies & rice. So bomb. And obvi the Greek salad is a must. Its pretty tough to mess up a greek salad at any Greek restaurant,
  2. Restaurant at Sixtey Hotel:
    • Its a bit expensive and more on the bougie side but the atmosphere is sophisticated and the food is great. Kyle & I both got the steak and it was prepared perfect.
  3. Alkioni WINE BAR:
    • Cute atmosphere, amazing wine with healthy pours & great staff. My favorite wine bar thus far in Nafplio.

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  1. COMFY walking shoes.
    • You’ll be doing a lot of walking so make sure you’re comfy. Yes sandals can work too but obviously not as sturdy. 
  2. Sandals & slides for the beach.
    • If you forget them, no sweat! They have some cute boutiques there that make handmade leather sandals which is a fun option too. 
  3. Beach Bag.
    • With the beach essentials…sunscreen, beach towels, beach hat, sunglasses, nice book if you like to read, picnic blanket & mini cooler for wine & snacks.
    • Umm, duh. You’ll basically live in your bathing suit while here if you’re anything like me and are obsessed with the sun. Bring some cute beach covers too. Its honestly the easiest outfit to throw on..a bikini, a beach cover that works as a dress too and sandals.You can wear it in the town and to the beach..EASY!
  5. Work out tights, sports bra & lose fitted tank
    • This outfit works great for an early morning walk, workout or just a quick run to grab some coffee.
    • *Obviously if you’re using this outfit for a coffee or breakfast run, you can doll it up with a cute hate, some earrings & lightweight scarf. 
  6. Cute dresses and jumpsuits/rompers
    • photo opp opportunities. You’ll find your fav spots and create a stunning photo with your pretty dress. Bright colors or nudes works so well with the lighting there. 
  7. Essentials
    • Jeans, jean shorts, basic tanks, oversized light weighted cardigans, hats & maybe one bomb jacket that you love. 

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We feel very blessed that we can stay in this charming town anytime we want, its majestic! Thanks Auntie Ellen!!

Nafplio has our heart. Ever try it?

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