5 weeks down 7 weeks to go

I’m feeling good!

The week started off pretty tough and it was a grind to get through my workouts but once Thursday hit I was in full stride and powered through like a champ. I danced a lot which made me feel free and funny lol, if you watch my IG stories then you’d prob already know that.

I must say, in the past if any obstacle came in the way of my workout time or regular routine I would skip the day, which you should never do because once you take one day off, that turns into 2 days which turns into a week, etc. So I’m proud of myself for staying committed even when things shook up my routine. For instance, one of Kyle’s agents came into town this past week and he took us out to dinner 2 nights in a row, obviously at some of the BEST Greek restaurants in Athens. I could have let those late dinner nights mixed in with alcohol affect my morning workout the following day, but instead I powered through and would not allow myself to miss a workout.

I also must say, although I’m in full rhythm GRIND mode and feeling very dedicated, I don’t want to live like a lame zombie either. I don’t want to skip going to an authentic Greek restaurant with Kyle’s agent & some teammates just because I want to eat healthy non stop. Like you still have live and enjoy your life too.


EAT THE RIGHT PRE WORKOUT MEAL- I switched up my pre-workout meal this week by accident one morning and I actually felt amazing working out that day so I tried it again the following day and felt the same! So my secret meal I like to eat before my workout really helped boost my energy level & made my body feel strong. My secret meal is half an apple with peanut butter, half a banana with peanut butter & half a protein shake. Try it, works like a charm!

DANCING- Once you got your bomb playlist that you hand selected yourself, in between sets it sometimes just feels good to dance it out a little bit. It helps keep the workout fun and it helps you make the struggle times a little less intimidating.

LOOKING CUTE– Again, I am a strong believer in Look Good = Feel Good mentality, so every time I was about to head to the gym I made sure to have my cute workout clothes on, hair in a tight bun or ponytail, & glossy lips.

HAVE A WORKOUT BUDDY– Not everyday but if you could squeeze in a partner at least once a week that kinda helps you pump each other up and get fire pics/funny videos. When Kyle has late practice (6pm) he sometimes would come to the gym with me to do my workout and help motivate me.

YOU GUYS!!!- I honestly had a ton of DM’s and messages asking me about my fitness routine, my eating habits and just people reaching out saying how I was motivating them. It literally touched my heart every time I got a message asking me a question about my workouts or people just telling me I’m inspiring them personally. You guys really helped me power through the week with all the support SO THANK YOU!!!



(I’m not taking pics every week because I like to take them every other week so I don’t get discouraged along the way, so this week I didn’t take pics..pics will happen week 6)

MY STOMACH- It feels tighter. When I’m laying in bed at night and feel my stomach I can definitely feel that it has shrunk. Yay!

MY LEGS- I’m losing cellulite on the back of my legs, umm thats cool, I don’t like cottage cheese! I guess with all the circuit training mixed in with the jumping & LISS cardio its helping me shed off fat and really help tone up my legs which is amazing.

FEELING STRONGER- I’m not great at pushups to begin with, but my arms are getting a little stronger so thats awesome!

I’m really proud that I’ve powered through non stop since Dec 30th! 5 weeks straight is a commitment in itself! If you’re having a tough time getting started, I promise once you start you won’t want to stop because it now becomes an internal competition of how good your body can look. The first few weeks are the toughest but once you push through those, it will become much easier.

We got this!!

Week 5 down, 7 weeks to go!

xoxo Day


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