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Hey guys,

This is Kyle Wiltjer (or better known as Charday’s fiancé). I am going to take over today’s blog and might be back in the future so stay tuned.

First of all, I want to say how crazy the internet has become. On this thing, there are a mixture of grown men hiding behind their computers who can anonymously hate on anyone or anything and little kids who feel they can say anything with no chill (which I know their parents would not approve of LOL). As much as I get annoyed with it, it is still the most powerful and most entertaining tool of our generation.  Plus, it is probably embarrassing how many times I check Twitter and Instagram in a day. The one thing I never understood is how people can act completely different in person vs online. Just know if you are one of those people, us “athletes” are living out our dreams every single day, giving it our all on and off the court in order to represent our team and ourselves in the best positive light.

Anyways, the goal of any blog posts that I contribute to “Worldwide Day” is to connect with anyone in a genuine way to share some of my life experiences, which to this point, has been eventful to say the least.

I have a million different stories I could share with you about my journey in basketball. From Jesuit High School, Kentucky, Gonzaga, my first year professional with the Houston Rockets, and now playing overseas for Olympiacos in Athens, Greece, I truly have been blessed. Outside of basketball, I have been extremely fortunate to have finished not only my undergraduate degree in Business Administration but was also able to achieve a Master’s degree at Gonzaga University as well. In addition, I am currently working on starting my own brand that is centered on Equality. Stay tuned for more details in a future post. Today, I am not going to share any of these particular stories, but instead I am going to open it up to you guys. If anyone has any particular questions on basketball, school, or life in general click the contact section and I will get back to you guys. Or if there are any suggestions for a future blog post, let me know.

-Kyle Wiltjer

IG/Twitter: @KWILTJ



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