4 weeks down, 8 weeks to go

IMG_8843 2.jpgWheeeeew! So I completed four weeks straight of my new workout regime and I felt GREAT..well until I saw my before and after pics :O!! Okay okay I definitely saw some progress and changes which is amazing but geez it just really goes to show that it truly takes time in order to see the results you want. 12-16 consistent weeks of fitness and eating right to be exact, if you want to truly see noticeable changes from your body.

I THINK THE BIGGEST MISTAKE people make when trying to tone up or lose some weight is letting the slow progress get in the way of the ultimate goal. You have to be realistic of what your body can physically achieve in a particular amount of time so that you don’t give up after only a few tough weeks. You have to truly put your head down and stay committed for 3-4 months and in that time if you still don’t see any changes, you may need to check what regime you’re doing and make some adjustments.

But 3-4 MONTHS IS TOUGH!! Well yes it ‘s hard, but it actually becomes manageable & fun once you prioritize it into your daily routine..it becomes a norm for you.


  1. MY FACE: My face/neck definitely looks skinnier, my mom could tell over our FaceTime calls after I was about 2-3 weeks into my fitness routine. Kyle also told me he could totally see a difference in my face. I didn’t think I had a fat face to begin with, BUT APPARENTLY I DID :/ . Your face is what people look at, so COOL my face looks better…like who doesn’t want a skinnier face? Whoop whoop!
  2. MY BACK: One of my “problem areas” I think is my back. Love handles are NOT the business, so I definitely want those to go away AND NEVER COME BACK. The before and after pic of my back was definitely an exciting change. With all the cardio I do and my non stop circuits, its helped shed off some fat. Not all of it but SOME. Thats nice to see.
  3. MY BUTT: I’m a little curvy to begin with. I’ve always had a bigger butt which I was always self conscious of growing up (until I discovered Sir Mix-A-Lot “baby got back” when I was in middle school then I suddenly felt good about it lol) ANYWAYS, with a bigger booty its hard to keep it in good shape because I store a lot of my fat there, so I noticed my butt has raised a tad. Kyle said he can totally tell that my butt looks lifted, which makes me feel bomb. This is due to all the squats I’ve been doing in my circuits.
  4. MY STOMACH: IT SHRUNK! Still not where I want it to be obviously but my stomach has def shrunken which is always a GREAT THING!
  5. I FEEL STRONGER- My body is starting to feel a little stronger which is cool. This makes the workouts a tiny bit more manageable and it also makes me feel a little more solid instead of skinny fat..SKINNY FAT IS THE WORST THING THAT CAN EVER HAPPEN TO YOU..lol so avoid that.

*if you want to see my before and after pics from my first 4 weeks, either send me a message in the contact section or DM me..and I’ll consider it lol


  1. GOOD MUSIC- Have to have music that pumps you up and just gives you good vibes in order to help distract you from the pain your body is feeling, lol! (crying emoji)
  2. FEEL GOOD FITNESS CLOTHES– So the HARDEST STEP to getting the workout done is the first step. The step where you truly dedicate yourself to get your workout done. To help with that is putting on clothes that make you feel sexy & powerful. Look good = Feel good
  3. FEEL PRETTY– Yes this kind of sounds like a weird one but it actually helps. Obviously you’re gonna be sweating your butt off so you shouldn’t put a full face of make up on BUT what you should do is..
    • Make sure your hair is in a tight cute ponytail, bun, or low pony with a fitness cap on.
    • Put some mascara on. It may run a little bit but when it does, it’s a easy wipe off and it also reminds you that YOU’RE WORKING!
    • Spray a few sprays of perfume to make you feel beautiful.
    • Lastly, swipe some gloss or lip moisture on your pretty lips :*
  4. TAKE IG STORY PICS- Do this of your before and after workout, it holds you accountable and helps motivate yourself and your friends. Cool!

Check out one of my playlists I’ll be listening to this week during my workouts. *Explicit non edited version

  1. MOTORSPORT- Migos, Nicki & Caridi
  2. BARTIER CARDI- Cardi B ft Nicki Minaj
  3. PUSH IT- O.T. Genasis
  4. RAKE IT UP- Yo Gotti
  5. JUICE- Yo Gotti
  6. LEMON- N.E.R.D ft Rhianna
  7. HAVANA- Camila Cabello ft Young Thug
  8. I THINK OF YOU- Jeremih
  9. WE CAN FREAK IT- Kurupt
  10. FETISH- Selena Gomez
  11. CHANGED IT- Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne
  12. CREW- Goldlink ft Gucci Man
  13. PERPLEXING PEGASUS- Rae Sremmurd
  14. GUCCI GANG- Lil pump
  15. GOD’S PLAN- Drake
  16. FLOW- Sade

Good luck, we got this!

I’ll share a video by the end of the week to help with motivation 😉

xoxo Day


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