The Proposal

Proposal at midnight under the Portland stars. 10/30/17

WiltjerProposal77The sweetest night of my life. I’ll try to make this as short as I can while still providing the juicy details. Rewind…October 2017, this was such a fun, yet stressful month because Kyle was in full swing training camp and preseason mode with the Toronto Raptors. We had just finished a tournament in Hawaii and was finishing off preseason in Portland vs the Blazers. We were on pins and needles waiting to see if he made the final cut. Unfortunately, Toronto decided they wanted to keep only 14 roster spots so Kyle was one of the last cuts. We kinda went into panic mode because we had no idea where Kyle would end up at this point. It was late October, all NBA team’s rosters were full & oversea’s season had already begun. We waited and waited until finally he decided to play with the Raptor’s affiliate G-Legaue team until a better offer came to the table, we didn’t want to just pick up any BS overseas offer.

OUT OF NOWHERE the top ranked Euroleague team called and wanted to offer Kyle a contract because their starting 4 man got injured…and it was in Greece! We thought about it for a few hours and decided to take the offer since it would be a great opportunity for Kyle.

Kyle was in Toronto at the time with the Raptor’s G-league team when he got the news and was told he had to fly out the day after next…SO QUICK! I was so happy for him but I also was a little sad I wasn’t able to see him before he left for a completely different country. But we have to do what we have to do, this basketball grind is unpredictable. That night he called me and said he wanted to see me and pack a few things from home before he left.

I was like, “Kyle are you crazy? Fly from Toronto to Portland for 13 hours and then backtrack and fly all the way to Greece?”

He said, “Yes I desperately want to see you before I leave and take you to dinner, we need to talk about our plans.”

I knew we had important things to talk about..AKA HOW THE HELL ARE WE GOING TO DO LONG DISTANCE OVERSEAS ON A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT TIME ZONE..? We were used to long distance but this time is much different because of the 10 hour time difference and not being able to see each other for months at a time. I have a very serious career that I love so leaving my job wasn’t an option..was it?

One of my dearest best friends, Teddie, reached out to me that day and was like, “Lets hang out I miss you! We should get our nails done!”

And I obviously would never turn down my girl time with Teddie and getting nails did (hair flip emoji). We had the greatest day just hanging out, talking about Kyle’s big move to Greece & drinking wine. I love her! @teddie.lynn

My mom was acting little strange all day, asking me what I was going to wear tonight etc, but again I thought nothing of it. @huntclub55

I finally got home, started to slowly get ready since Kyle’s flight didn’t even land until 11pm on a Sunday! As I’m driving to the airport I’m thinking is he going to propose to me? No way he’s about to leave, he didn’t have time to get a ring, we’re not ready to get married if we’re going to be living in different countries, etc. I honestly didn’t think it would happen. I actually was a little pissed that it hadn’t happened already! I finally get to the airport and when he came out he looked so handsome all dressed up, I thought that was cute because it was a long 5 hour flight and he usually likes to be comfy in basketball sweats when he travels.

He hugs me and tells me to get out of the driver’s seat because he wanted to drive. He then blindfolds me and tells me he wants the restaurant to be a surprise. I was like..

  • 1) Kyle you’re crazy,
  • 2) You’re gonna mess up my make up &
  • 3) No restaurants are open this late on a Sunday in Portland!

He said, “Just do it, I have a surprise!”

So I’m here thinking maybe he shut down a restaurant, maybe he’s setting up a picnic, maybe we’re not going to eat.. my mind was racing. FINALLY after 20 minutes blindfolded in the car, we stop!

He helps me get out of the car, it was very quite, dark and cold. I was a little wobbly because I was in high heels and walking on gravel.

I was like, “Where the heck are we?!!?”

He was like, “You’ll see shortly.”

I was thinking hmm are we under a bridge? Are we walking into a closed down restaurant? Outside, then inside, then outside again until he finally stops me and says, “Are you ready?”

I was so excited/nervous, I love surprises! I basically yelled YES!

He takes off my blindfold and I open my eyes..I had to take a second to register where I was at. I saw a beautiful pool with candles wrapped all around it, pathway of candles leading to an outdoor fireplace, rose pedals covered the cement and music was playing. Tears came into my eyes because I finally realized where we were at, the Grodahl’s house! The Grodahl’s are a very close family friend of Kyle’s. They have a GORGEOUS house up in the Sylvan Hills of Portland that overlooks the city. Kyle chose their house because that was the very first place we hung out outside of work in Summer 2013.

So then I was thinking he set up a super sweet dinner. He told me we had their house to ourselves because they were out of town for the week. I was like COOL! We started walking down the candle lit path covered with rose pedals when suddenly I realized there was no table outside, I started to get butterflies in my stomach. OMG is this happening?! That walk sempt like forever but it was only a 10 second pathway, we were both shaking.

Once we got the end of the path he stopped and looked me in my eyes and told me how much he loved me. He suddenly dropped down on one knee and I just about lost it! He told me he just wouldn’t have felt right leaving the country without me knowing that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He said he wanted me to be his forever and he wanted us to start this next chapter of our lives together. He said, “I know I’m about to leave but we can figure out all the logistics later. Right now, I want to ask you a question.” He nervously pulled out a ring box from his pocket. He slowly opened the box and said, “I love you so much. Charday, will you marry me?”

He looked so precious down on one knee! I mean this is one of the life moments that girls dream of! Just seeing him on a knee touched my heart, he looked so happy, nervous and confident all at the same time. AND THE RING WAS FREAKING HUGE! Exactly what I wanted. I of course started crying and said YES!!! I leaned down and kissed him and was just so happy. And all while this was happening he had one of my favorite songs playing which just touched my heart. Charlie Wilson, You Are (LISTEN TO IT, it’s amazing), I literally cry every time I hear it.

He stood up and we hugged. It was so sweet! We then started to walk back into the house because he said lets eat. I was like cool, he’s got dinner prepared here too, amazing! We walked in the house and he walked me into the living room where the door was closed. Before he opened the door the said I have one more surprise for you. I was thinking what is going on? He opened the door and all of a sudden a group of people jumped up and yelled CONGRATULATIONS!!

I looked around and saw both of our families, some of our closest friends, aunts & cousins and then just lost it again. A few people even flew in for this moment, it touched my heart! One of Kyle’s BFF’s flew with him from New York that day to help him pick up the ring that Kyle designed for me (yes Kyle had secretly been designing my ring for the past few months at a beautiful place in New York).

I started bawling again like a hot mess because I felt so special that all these important people to us made the effort to come celebrate us & this special moment…AT FREAKING MIDNIGHT ON A SUNDAY NIGHT.

I kept seeing a flash going off, I looked over confused and there was a photographer capturing all these special moments. Kyle hired a professional photographer to take pics of the special night so we’d never forget, so freaking sweet!

Kyle had food catered and everyone was eating, drinking champaign and just having a great time. Kyle’s mom, sister, my mom & Teddie really went all out to help decorate the place so it was perfect. Kyle was sending them Pinterest pics all day of how he wanted it decorated because obviously he couldn’t do it while he was flying. Kyle personally invited everyone and told them to keep it a secret. It was decorated inside so cute with our pictures everywhere and signs saying “SHE SAID YES” so adorable. I love everyone so much who helped put that special night together.

@awiltjer @cwiltj @huntclub55 @teddie.lynn @brandenberry @aunttinthehouse @swiltj

Earlier that day, Kyle called my parents and asked speak to my dad. He asked my dad, “Ron, I wish I could be there in person to ask this but obviously I’m in Toronto and I won’t be able to see you guys before I land. I’m flying into Portland tonight to ask Charday a question. I love Charday very much & I want to take care of her and spend the rest of my life with her…So Ron, can I take your daughter’s hand in marriage?”

My dad’s response was, “Kyle, TAKE BOTH HANDS!”

Check out some of the pics!






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